ZELDA MONTH!! Game Theory: Which Link is the best?

Hello Internet! Welcome to programmingandweb.com/gametheory, the blog that posts videos done by the Game Theorist MatPat! This time, we look at all the Links across the series that is the Legend of Zelda and find out which one is the best of them all.

I found that this theory is intriguing and that MatPat gave multiple good points about which Link wins in each category… and no, the CD-i Link is not here. So this theory got a plus from me. What I saw at the end surprised me and I’m amazed at the fact that this is all because Hyrule Warriors came out when this video was originally posted. But hey, that’s just a theory… A GAME THEORY! Thanks for watching.

Also, this is a message for Peanutbuttergamer: I still don’t know why you wanted to take a break from Zelda Month and do ‘Mario Month”. Why? I must know! Even though I’m pretty sure he hasn’t even heard of this blog.


ALSO: I want to do Game Theory spinoffs on this blog soon, so next month, get ready to watch the first Culture Shock video to join this blog.

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Zelda Month! Breath of the Wild’s Timeline Placement! Game Theory

Hello, Internet! It’s Zelda Month! And what better way to celebrate Peanutbuttergamer’s Zelda month than by talking about the latest Zelda game: BREATH OF THE WILD!

Also, I know PBG said he’s not doing Zelda Month this year, and changing it up by doing ‘Mario Month’, but November is and always will be ZELDA MONTH!
Anyways, if you haven’t played Breath of the Wild yet, that means you probably don’t own the Switch or a Wii U. I’ve played them, but I don’t own the systems. My friend does. But I’m getting sidetracked. After the game’s placement was decided as after Ocarina of Time in the timeline, MatPat decided to try to find a more concrete answer. Not counting Amiibo figures, because those are extra you get from tapping the figure onto the left Joy-Con of a Switch. (If I’m wrong, don’t write angry comments. I haven’t played in a while.) But what he found was surprising to me, so get ready for a great theory on the game’s place in the Zelda timeline.

This video was awesome, except for the beginning, because it was kinda weird. Anyways, what MatPat says is amazing. If you didn’t know, Zelda’s timeline is split into 3 branching timelines after Ocarina of Time. 2 where Link succeeds in defeating Ganondorf, and the last one is if Link dies at any point in the game. MatPat found the correct timeline just by matching evidence of enemies, and the Cap of the Wild, which is Link’s cap you unlock in the game from a treasure chest. What he said blew my mind. I still don’t believe that BotW is part of the ***************** Timeline. (What, you thought I was gonna tell you which timeline it was? I’d have to put up a spoiler alert or something.) Anyways, that’s just a theory… A GAME THEORY! Thanks for watching.

Sorry for this being late. I’ll make it up with a second video this week. I promise.

NEXT TIME: WHICH Link Is the Best!

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Game Theory: We play games, but why do some of us have to COMPLETE THEM?

Here on programmingandweb.com/gametheory we love games, which is why we cover theories on video games. But there are some people who can’t help but complete them 100%. Why? Let’s find out!

This theory is one of my favorites. The fact that some people complete games just to feel the sense of accomplishment is impressive. we get that same sense from doing something big, something impressive. For me, however, that sense of accomplishment is from beating my friends at Smash Bros. I’m not the best at that game, but I’m getting sidetracked. Video games are fun, they give us something to do with others when online, and give us what I like to refer to as some good times at parties. But in all of this, it’s just a theory… A GAME THEORY! Thanks for Watching.

Also, Jirard ‘Dragonrider’ Khalil and Greg Wilmonte (formerly) from That One Video Gamer helped MatPat with this video.

Once again, I’m sorry that I haven’t been posting to this. I’ve been busy with other stuff, but now I can try to post weekly. I’ll do my best to meet that quota (even if I forget to by next week).

NEXT TIME: ZELDA MONTH (Again)! BREATH OF THE WILD’s TIMELINE PLACEMENT THEORY! It’s set after Ocarina of Time, where the timeline splits into 3, but which one is BotW part of?

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Game Theory: Why do Creepers explode?

Hello, Internet! Minecraft Creepers love to get up close and explode, ruining your house or cool looking artwork. But the question is, why can they explode? Well, today we are gonna figure out why they explode. Not counting those ‘Anatomy of a Creeper’ T-Shirts, that is.

I was confused when I first saw this video, but I like trying to figure out why Creepers keep wrecking my big house. I hope that there will be more information to this soon!

Next time: Why do some people complete games? ft. The Completionist from ThatOneVideoGamer.

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Game Theory: Handsome Jack, Monster or Misunderstood?

Hello, internet! Today we look at the antagonist of Borderlands 2, ‘Handsome’ Jack. He hates Vault Hunters, but why? Was he betrayed by one at some point? Actually, if that happened, then when did he try to work with Vault Hunters? Let’s find out!

In my opinion, the Borderlands series is great, and people should try to understand what makes Handsome Jack tick.
I have seen this video many times and still don’t get it. In fact, the only thing about this video that I understand is why he wears his dumb mask.

But seriously, what do you guys think? Do you hate Jack? Or do you like him for some reason?
Also, I’m sorry that I keep posting them a while after I said the video would be up.
Next time: a Minecraft Theory! Why do Creepers explode? Find out next time!

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Game Theory: is Link’s Quest in Majora’s Mask POINTLESS?

Hello, Internet!

Today we look at Link’s quest in Majora’s Mask. Is it pointless? Depends on who you ask. Me personally, I don’t think so. I like Majora’s Mask and all the different parts of the story. I don’t really agree with MatPat’s theory.

Also, sorry that I didn’t put anything up in so long. I had forgotten about this blog for a while.

Next time: A Borderlands theory! Handsome Jack: Monster or Misunderstood?

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Zelda Month! Is Link Dead in Majora’s Mask? Game Theory feat. Peanutbuttergamer

Hello, Internet! Welcome to Game Theory.
Welcome to the month of November, A.K.A. Zelda Month! This week, PeanutButterGamer offers his help on a theory about Majora’s Mask!

Now, personally I love the Zelda franchise. Majora’s Mask is the hardest Zelda game I’ve ever played, and I was surprised when I found this theory. This theory changed how I saw Majora’s Mask after I first watched the video.

Next Week: Another Zelda theory! Is Link’s quest in Majora’s Mask pointless? Find out next week!
Also, if this was not posted on the first week of November, sorry in advance. I’ve been having trouble getting online from home.

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Super Smash Bros.: Finding the LOST STAGE! Game Theory

Hello Internet!
Super Smash Bros. Melee has a stage hidden in it’s code that contains an image of a place that was in California. Was this a place where employee from Nintendo of America would go for lunch?
Find out now!

I would go to that place if I lived in California, even if it might not be the same as it was before this video was uploaded onto Youtube.

Sorry if I keep putting these out so late, I hope to fix this soon.

Next week is Zelda Month!
Next Week: A Zelda Theory, is Link dead in Majora’s Mask? Find out next week on Game Theory!
Also, PeanutButterGamer helps out with this one

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How Fast is Sonic the Hedgehog? Game Theory

Sonic is pretty fast, right? well, you’re wrong. Sonic isn’t the fastest in his own games!
But if Sonic isn’t the fastest, then who is? Well, you have to watch the video to find out!

Having seen this video multiple times, I still think it’s impressive that Mario is somewhat faster than Sonic in their first games. But what do you think about this theory? Is it complete baloney, or something good?
Material used in this video is from various games, including Sonic the Hedgehog (Genesis), Sonic the Hedgehog (2006), Sonic Unleashed, and Super Mario Bros.

Once again, Sorry that this video is late. Hopefully, next week will be better.
Next Week: Super Smash Bros. Finding the LOST STAGE!
Also, an important announcement. November is Zelda Month, a month of Zelda Videos. Nothing but Zelda theories on this site during the month of November, and some appearances of Austin ‘PeanutButterGamer’ Hargrave.

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BEWARE Link’s Hookshot in the Legend of Zelda! Game Theory

Hello, Internet! Welcome to Game Theory.
Is Link’s Hookshot something that can really be considered an item or weapon for his arsenal? Find out by watching this week’s Game Theory!

Next week: A Sonic Theory! is Sonic really the fastest thing alive?

Also, Sorry that this video is late.
Another thing, if you’re not using your phone to access this page, you can! programmingandweb.com/gametheory is a responsive site!

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