The purpose of a Bioshelter is to be semi self sufficient greenhouse designed to extend the growing seasons for the plants, the shelter uses a form of passive solar energy to regulate the temperature inside using gravel to trap the heat and it will heat the shelter throw out the night. Using a 500 gallon tank with fish in it providing the plants with extra nutrition and water threw the form of aquaponics, they also normally have chickens in them to keep the flow of air for the plants and provides more food.

Benefits of a Bioshelter

There are many benefits to owning a bioshelter. One being food production. With a bioshelter it's like a 3 room greenhouse. You have a greenhouse atrea for the food, which is where the ecosystem resides so you'll be able to grow food during all 4 seasons. With a bio shelter too you'll have a reduced carbon footprint. As you won't be releasing the same greenhouse gases as you would with a normal greenhouse. A bioshelter also uses a self sustaining solar heating system for the night hours to assist with the growing process during the 4 seasons.

Cons of Boishelter

There seems to be very few cons/disadvantages to a bioshelter. The only downside is you have to manage it. It is not self sustaining completely but most parts are. As there is a chicken koop most often inside, and the cost of them is also a disadvantage, cost between 40,000 - 65,000 per 2,000 square ft.