Earthship is a passive solar home. It often tends to made up of natural materials & also recycled, rather than of making more materials. Those who make earthships are turning the waist we have into homes materials. Earthship uses the rays of the sun to help regulate and heat the building. This action is to make the building have thermal mass construction. Earthships also are known for having a horseshoe shape to have windows all around it to assist with heating it.

Benefits of Earthship

There are a lot of benefits to earthships, some key ones are how they utilize earth's energy, recycling materials, and its self-sustaining. Earthships utilizes solar for both electricity & water heating, geothermal heating and cooling techniques. Many earthships also collect rain water for both their water needs and to water crops, which leads us to the self sustaining aspect of earthships. Due to the amount of water one can collect with rain, and depending on where it is placed you could grow your own crops in say a recycled tire to maximize the earth's resources given.I say recycled tire because earthship way of utilizing recycled materials is by using products that would otherwise be placed in a landfill. Like tires and glass bottles, which are two of the most common objects to be used in an earthship. Like tires and glass bottles, which are two of the most common objects to be used in an earthship. Tires can be used to insulate and create walls for the shelter. Bottles in many earthships look absolutely stunning. You could make patterns out of the colored bottles and give it an artsy twang.

Cons & Misunderstandings

There are many downsides to earthships. But it all decides on where you place your earthship and many misunderstandings. One key misunderstanding is not being able to raise all the food you'll need to survive. Which is correct to an extent. Many people could make it work with only raising their own food but that takes time, knowledge and where you place your earthship home. Another misunderstanding people believe earthships are pure natural. That is just not accurate as they use a lot of recycling techniques. But they also heavily rely on concrete. Which in turn is a disadvantage for those who have allergies or breathing issues as the concrete contributes approximately 10% of the world's greenhouse gases, so it removes oxygen from the air we have to breathe to survive. Most if not 75% of disadvantages occur with climate, and placement of their earthship. Earthships DO NOT work well in humid conditions, it can and will harm who lives there and infect the crops they grow if they keep it inside their home. Also with temperature many sources say it takes the person and the earthship 2-3 years to get used to the median temperature.