Organizations & Support Groups

Blue Rock Station

Blue Rock Station is a learning center for people who want to learn to install their own solar, know what they are getting themsleves inot with going green for energy. They hold classes often for you to learn. They are based in Ohio.

(740) 674-4300

4.4 stars

Clear View Energy

Clear view energy is a supplier company of 100% Green Energy. They provide their cusrtomers with energy products and services to protect the environment. They are located in Dallas, Texas.

(800) 746-4702

2.0 stars

Earthship Biotecture

Earthship Biotecture is a non-profit company located in New Mexico creating everywhere. They also take volenteers and teach you how to create one and be knowledgeabke on the topic.

(575) 751-0462

4.3 stars

Long Way Home

Long way home is a bioshelter constuting company. They are also a school and take volenteers to assit on the construction and teach you how to create one and the steps to do so.


5.0 stars


Siemens is an engineering company located in New Jersey. They assit and create green energy power distrubution for cities.

(973) 575-6300

4.6 stars