Bio Homes

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Environmental Impact

The Environmental impact we have on the world is massive. The simple act of burning fossil fuels impacts our environment, and that means power plants, cars, coal stoves and coal grill’s. They all affect the environment and many more things that also impact the world around us in many harmful ways. Filling the space of our atmosphere with carbon dioxide causing global warming. With how everything on earth has been in recent years, our climate and natural resources have been taking a massive hit. According to we have an estimated 2980 Years left on this planet until we have arrived at the bitter end of humanity on planet earth. We can prolong this time though. All we need to do is work together and convert energy sources and lower our use of natural resources. As a conclusion to help our environment start using more of the reusable energy sources we have made as the human race.

What is a Bio Home?

Bio Homes are also known as Eco-Friendly homes. Bio homes and eco-friendly homes more often than not are referring to daily use of products that contribute to green living and to prevent pollution in the land, air and water of the earth. Every Bio home is different, and has different methods to green living. Some houses might have geothermal techniques for heating and cools and other might use solar water heaters. In a similar example some houses might use wind energy for electricity instead of solar pannels.